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25 Things

1) I read at least a book a week
2) I want to complete a doctorate
3)I think 'What if ' too often
4) I have a lot of patience, but when it's gone watch out
5) I haven't eaten poultry or red meat in 15 years
6) I would like to learn Italian
7) When I hear a song that I like I play it continuously
8) I spend far too much time on Facebook
9) I am petrified of snakes
10) When I am under charged I tell the clerk
11) I drink way too much coffee
12) I often have difficulty sleeping
13) My son is named after my Grandpa Harry (Harrison) and my dad (Alan)
14) I want to learn how to SCUBA dive
15) I donated blood once and passed out
16) I like to cook
17) I hate to clean
18) I'd like to go to Tahiti
19) I want to write a novel
20) I'm addicted to buying shower gel, bath salts and bubble bath. Pretty much anything that smells nice .
21) My husband is right more often then I am willing to admit (shh don't tell him)
22) I would like to have one more child but not just yet
23) I often wonder why I majored in anthropology
24) I am fiercely competitive over board games
25) I like Star Trek

the productive insomniac

I have a massive headache tonight which I am sure is derived in equal parts from my lack of sleep and hormone /cyst issue.
That's it really I need sleep ... ZZZ

thoughts on a new tattoo

I've been meaning to put my thoughts down for a while now, but there has always been a reason not to. So today is the day. 

I'm thinking about getting another tattoo. I've known that I wanted one for a while but for the longest time couldn't decide on what I wanted and where I wanted to place it. Originally I was thinking about a half sun half moon face to represent overcoming obstacles that I have faced, but it always felt too forced and I couldn't think of a spot where I wanted it which I am pretty sure was a definite sign that it wasn't right for me.

However over the last few weeks I was thinking that I would really want a tat that represents my love for my son ( the 22" c section scar isn't enough lol) So now I am thinking about some gray scale roses ( for my middle name) mixed in with some lilies of the valley ( Harrison's birth month flower) with a super teeny tiny MMVI ( roman numeral for the year 2006)  written in one of the stems. I have been working on some sketches and since I am an awful artist  going online to get some ideas. I have a good rough idea of what I'd like but definitely need to have it streamlined.

I'll probably have it done around my birthday in march.



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